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Democrats of Oro Valley (DOV) is a force for progressive leadership. We support enthusiastic participation in the democratic process and encourage our fellow citizens to join us in preserving our unique and historic Arizona environment.

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2022 Holiday Party
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Doing the Most Good: Historic Democratic Accomplishments!

People who have forgotten all of the positive good the Democrats have done, need to be reminded. Now you can have a LIST in the form of a handy, credit-card size folder that you print, trim out and it will fit into your pocket, purse or wallet.

Keep it handy for discussions with your neighbors, friends or even your favorite Republican uncle. Better yet, give them a copy!

Low Food Security!

The Food Bank at Catalina Community Services needs your help. Go to Impact of Southern Arizona for more information.

DOV supports the Food and Clothing Banks by delivering food and clothing collected at each general meeting.