DOV General Meetings

The general meetings are held on the 2nd Monday of the month at the Oro Valley Public Library located at the corner of La Canada and Naranja Drive.

Arrive at 6:45 PM to socialize. The meeting begins at 7:00 PM.

The meetings are open to the public at no cost. There are always interesting guest speakers and programs. So come, bring a friend, and enjoy the company of your like-minded neighbors!

Monday, September 10th

Forum to Address Ballot Initiatives

Prop 125: This is an amendment to the Elected Officials & Corrections Officers Retirement Plan. This bipartisan pension reform measure will help save Arizona taxpayers an estimated $275 million over the next several decades. Proposition 125 also will shore up the state’s under funded Elected Officials’ Retirement Plan and the Corrections Officer Retirement Plan and is supported by organized labor.

Prop 126: Randy Friese, LD9 House of Representatives. Proposition 126 is the Arizona Realtors Association initiative which preemptively exempts all services from TPT (sales tax) FOREVER. This is a loss of hundreds of millions in potential future revenue.

Prop 127: Kalie Pawlik, Proposition 127 would increase the state's renewable portfolio standards, which is a mandate that electric utilities acquire a minimum amount of electricity from renewable energy sources. Arizona's current requirement is 15 percent by 2025. Proposition 127 would increase that to 50 percent by 2030.

Prop 305: Stephanie Hamilton, this is the Save Our Schools Citizens Initiative to stop the expansion of school vouchers.

Prop 306: Pam Powers-Hannley, LD 9 House of Representatives. The Republican legislature’s latest attempt to kill the Clean Elections system and weaken the campaign finance watchdog duties of the Citizen’s Clean Election Commission.

Future General Meeting speakers and programs

Our October meeting will be held on TUESDAY, October 9, 2018, when we welcome our LD11 Legislative candidates: Ralph Atchue, candidate for AZ Senate, and Hollace Lyon, candidate for AZ House.

Previous General Meeting speakers and programs

  • In August we welcomed Tom O'Halleran, US Representative, CD1.
  • Jane Conlin representing the Tucson/Oro Valley Citizen's Climate Lobby, was at our July meeting.
  • Candidates for the Arizona Corporation Commission, Sandra Kennedy and Bill Mundell were at our June meeting.
  • Kyrsten Sinema, Candidate for US Senate spoke at the April meeting.
  • United States Senate Candidate Deedra Abboud spoke at the March meeting.
  • Dr. Barbara Warren on The Extreme Weather Challenge and Meg Pradelt on the Request to Speak System spoke at the February meeting.
  • Linda Lyon, retired Colonel from the Air Force, and AZ House candidate Hollace Lyon spoke at the January meeting. Their topic: "Saving Our Democracy," a riveting message of hope and resolve in taking back our government from those who wish to destroy it.
  • We welcomed Greer Warren who delivered a talk on civics and structure of Arizona government at our November meeting.
  • We welcomed Betty Stauffer from Literacy Connects on October 9th.
  • Dr. Jeffrey Kargel, Senior Research Scientist at the University of Arizona, spoke at our September meeting.
  • David Garcia, candidate for Governor of Arizona, spoke at our August meeting.